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Want Your Teeth To Get A Grip?

Are you the kind of guy who loves to wear jewelry? Does wearing bling make your heart beat so fast? Think you have a heart of gold? Or better still, something more visible made of gold, diamonds or platinum? But have you ever thought of putting jewelries on your teeth? One of them could have been more expensive? Actually, it could be if you follow the latest trends in hip hop jewelry! It is similar to the song “Grillz” by Nelly Furtado wherein it is stated about the robbery of a jewelry store just to get some expensive diamonds and make a grillz out of it. It is really easy to identify Grillz especially after the song has been produced and the word was added to the English dictionary.

Some people still don’t know what are grillz for, if it happens that you are one of those people, then grillz refer to any gold, platinum or silver caps which re worn on the teeth inspired by the hip hop tradition in order to look cool. Often times, these platinum caps are embedded with gemstones which means it represents wealth and also to be flaunted. There are different artists who popularized this trend, to name a few, for instance, Nelly, Lil Jon, and other hip hop artists. However, if Nelly made Grillz a household term then Paul Wall took it to another level by making an album that plays like an ode to Grillz! Paul Wall made the term ‘Grillz’ became more popular after his album named ‘The People’s Champ’ was released last 2005, the term ‘grillz’ became more popular during that time since the word was repeatedly sung every second line of the song, thus, it was considered as a form of marketing. The richer you are, the better your grill could be. It is also not preferable to buy cheap grillz for the teeth since they are being installed inside your mouth and it can trigger different negative reactions inside your mouth considering that they can be made up of fake synthetic jewelry.

Nevertheless, not all the time we can afford to buy the platinum, gold or silver capped grillz since it is very expensive, but there is always a second option if you really wanted to have that grillz on your teeth, you might want to consider plated rhodium and Cubic Zirconia, CZ as it is popularly known, custom made grillz for your teeth. Before you get to buy yourself some grillz, it is best to do some research, in that way, you can assure that you teeth’s safety is in good hands. Grillz usually come in three types. Nevertheless, apart from the three types of grillz that you can choose from, there are also the artificial types where you might also want to consider.

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