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Septic Systems- Information That is Essential to Know.

Septic systems are used to purify dirty waste water. The main purpose of these septic systems is to dispose wastewater on site from households. Septic systems are more cheap than the disposal systems which are found in rural.

The design of a septic system is simple, this also simplifies its installation and maintenance making it less costly. The tank and disposal field are the main parts that a septic system has. The septic tank is usually a waterproof container which is made of concrete and has an inlet as well as an outlet pipe. Wastewater is conveyed from home to the septic tank through the sewer pipes. This system uses a simple mechanism. The wastewater is stored in the tank until the mixture of both the liquid and the solids are separated. Several trenches are formed to establish the disposal field. These trenches are separated with coarse sand and gravel. From the surface, it is made to go a depth of about three feet. The trenches are distributed with water from drain pipes which contain holes.

Cleaning of the tank is carried out to remove the solid wastes which are left in the tank. There is a frequency of doing it which is dependent on some factors. One factor is the number of people in your home. The volume of wastewater generated from the home. And the solid wastes contained in the water.

Some need to be pumped after a year or two. Others can be cleaned after a period of more than ten years. The fast the wastes pile up, the little time it takes to be pumped out. An odor free tank is usually made of fiberglass or concrete. Using fiberglass or concrete give the tank a lifespan of around fifty years. Maintenance is not compulsory for a septic tank. This forces one to observe the rules to ensure its functional life is protected.

Signs are available that show when there is failure in the septic system. Some of them include. The waste pipes for drainage from the house being poor. You can know that they are poor by checking the tank contents. Outlets or inlets being broken or deteriorated lead to the whole system failure. The septic tank leaking the half-way decomposed wastes on the ground.

Taking care of the septic systems is possible through some ways.Always unpaved the surface that is above the system. There should be no obstructions to the surface. Planting of any kind of trees or shrubs is not allowed around the area. This is because the shade could destruct evaporation. The absorption field should be covered lightly and not with hard materials. Grass is preferred to cover the area for the purpose of light coverage and absorption of excessive water. Do not let the runoff water into the area, hence should direct it away.

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