Our Horror Week coverage continues with a look at the highest- and lowest-scoring horror videogames in our database. Introducing players to Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong and Cyril Redfield, the second installment opened up the Resident Evil lore that should dominate the video games to come. It marks one of the slightly few true Japanese survival horror video games of this technology.Survival horror games

Created by the crew who brought us Blood, Shogo and CONCERN, Condemned is a game that is all about survival in the depths of the insane asphalt jungle. Add in an underlying tale of domestic terror that may make any Silent Hill fan nostalgic, and youve bought the world’s shortest masterpiece of horror on your shaking arms.Survival horror games

Resident Evil 4 ruined Resident Evil.” Yes, I do know you’re out there, indignant particular person. We’ve been brave so you do not have to and waded via the uncomfortable tepid seas of horror – no, don’t think about what you just stood on – to seek out the ultimate terrifying experiences.Survival horror games

Resident Evil 2 is archetypal survival horror, with a gothic setting, delightfully nonsensical puzzles, good sound design, and terrible tank controls. A lot of the disturbing ambiance is constructed on what you hear, and the wonderful sound design uses audio to trend a complete deadly world round Isaac.

The original Silent Hill was created as a part of the surge of survival horror video games following Resident Evil’s success. Celebrated by followers as the very best entry into the initial sequence, Resident Evil 2 frees the player from the confines of the unique recreation’s mansion, opening up all of Racoon Metropolis for exploration.