How to play 2 Player in FIFA 19?

FIFA 19 allows the players to play in the dual mode. Yes, you can play FIFA 19 with your friends on PS4. So, all that you need is just to invite your friends to a party and then enjoy the night with them while playing FIFA 19 on PS4.

The PS4 provides the fans to play the FIFA 19 with friends and family members. The feature is only available on PS4 console not on the other consoles yet. First, go to the Share Play and once you click it, you would see the terms displayed in front of you. Make sure that your device has strong internet connections so before you start Share play check the quality of the internet connection. You have to read About Privacy related terms to secure your personal information.  Once you build strong connections then you can proceed further. But in case you are not able to get strong connections, ask your friend to start the Share play and he will become the host to provide you the service.

After connecting to Share Play then select Play Together from the options. You would see two options that either you would like to create a new Game session, or you would like to join the game session. You can select the option 1 if you are acting as a host and if not just go towards the option 2 and join the game session. A screen will be displayed in front of you with buttons of Player 1 and Player 2. You should follow all the instructions carefully and once you click on your side you would see the READY statement on the screen.

After connecting with your friend then you have to go to the FIFA 19 Demo that you have downloaded already. You and your friend must have the PS4 to play together. After downloading the FIFA 19 demo, go to the KICK off and then choose the sides you like on each controller. The pop up would be shown in front of you. First, the screen displays the World League either Paris or REAL MADRID for the player 1 and player 2 individually. As a host you can select your World League first then your friend and the other league would be automatically selected for the player 2. Then you have to choose your costume according to your choice. As a player 2 or 1, your costume would be selected accordingly. Match preview, shootings, and possessions would be displayed to the screen as long as you choose your costume. The Match preview shows the wins and draws of both players and also displays the time remaining for the match to start.

You can manage your team and could change your game settings as well. You can manage the controller settings as all the services are available on PS4. The problem you can face is that if your friend is far from the connections or the quality of the connections is too weak then in this situation, you can make your friend as a host and play with him. But if not, then no choice is left except to quit the FIFA 19.

You can also play with other people online on the internet. When you are connected to Share Play then the internet connects you with people ready to play with you. The feature would give you more experience and joy to play with the people you do not know before and you can gain much experience by playing with them plus it would be more exciting.

PS4 allows the players to play in the share mode and add more joy to the lives of the players. By following all the instructions carefully and following each step you can play in the share mode. But if still, you are facing some problems then you can watch YouTube videos to resolve your issues. Most of the issues arise due to poor internet connections so before getting frustrated, make sure that you have strong internet connections and the friend with whom you want to play is not that far. The share mode in PS4 has made it more interesting among the players because in PS3 you were able to play with your own self means in your own World league with the computer team on the other hand. But PS4 has added joy and allows the users to play in the share mode and share the experience and joy with other people around the globe.

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