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Characteristics of a Free Conference Call.
The use of telecommunication system by people in remote areas to participate in a common conversation is defined as free conference call. Free conference call can either be an interactive session among the stakeholders or can be an audio only where other stakeholders only get to listen to one speaker. A free conference call can only be complete with the availability of a telephone bridge that links different telephone lines of the conference stakeholders. Free conference call service providers applies use of advanced information technology to maximize the efficiency of their service which facilitate development of the business firms. Free conference calls is the most efficient through which business can minimize time wastage which impacts negative results on the business.
Free conference call requires no organizer fee as the service provider is compensated through sharing revenue with the local phone company. There is need for the free conference call company to get into a contract with the phone company that owns the telephone bridge in order to set standards to be followed when sharing the terminating access charge. Business firms benefits from low services required to run and maintain free conference call services as the service providers are very stable and in good business firms.
Free conference calls are recorded and stored without losing any information as opposed to manual recording of conference details which omits a lot of information. Business firms using free conference calls have affirmed that it is very easy to retrieve previous conference audios as opposed to the detailed and bulky literature.
The confidentiality of the conference stakeholders is observed as free conference calls require special codes for security logins hence no unauthorized personnel can take part in the conference. Free conference calls are able to accommodate a large number of online conference attendees of up to a thousand participants. It is possible for a business firm to conduct a free conference call with a 100{95ae87e6c9576ccca9fb7ba2855ecb8308b0eca0cbd2acf6d19fe652e772719e} attendance by the stakeholders as there is no reasons for them not to partichipate. Free conference calls allows the stakeholders to hold a conference for six hours which gives them ample time to discuss all the intended topics. There is no limitation to the number of conferences that a business firm can hold using the free conference call service which makes it convenient to hold emergency conferences. International conferences have been successfully achieved by business firms via free conference calls
Free conference call service providers are easily accessible from free call conference companies who can be contacted via their websites. In today’s business world it is very uneconomical to organize for a conference hence the increased popularity of free conference cals. It is the responsibility of all business managers to subscribe for free conference call services.

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